Some teach abroad organisations can be very misleading with regard to accommodation, often implying extremely high standards, but conveniently failing to provide any photographs in support.  We do not believe in such an approach. Instead, we want to provide our applicants with as much accurate and genuine information as is possible. Applicants should know that quality of accommodation varies between placement locations, and indeed individual institutions, but is, in general, of a considerably lower standard than the west. You have to remember that you are going to the other side of the world, and not everything will be the same as what you have been experiencing up until this point in your life. This is, after all, part of the beauty of living in a country as far away, and as different as China. CEAIE and MF however do of course ensure that each applicants’ accommodation includes a range of standard furnishings and facilities. While it is not possible to show each and every applicant pictures of their specific accommodation (owed to the sizeable number of partner institutions), we do ask all applicants to send us photographs of their accommodation, which we then upload onto this page. EVERY PHOTOGRAPH ON THIS PAGE HAS BEEN SENT TO US BY A PAST OR CURRENT CHINA TEACHING EXPERIENCE APPLICANT. We believe this to be the most transparent way of approaching the topic. We kindly ask you to take a careful look through the following selection of photographs and videos, which together demonstrate the range of accommodation provided by the schools. Your accommodation will be provided, by your school, free of charge. Most utility bills are also usually covered (at least up to a ‘reasonable’ limit).