China 2022 – Shanghai Pacican

We offer a separate support service for applicants who wish to be placed in the various suburbs of Shanghai (anywhere from 10-150 minutes outside of Shanghai city centre). Shanghai has a population of around 25 million people. It is a very exciting city around which to spend a year of your life!

Unlike the rest of our placements, our Shanghai applicants will not be placed at an individual partner school, but will instead be placed with The Shanghai Pacican Academy, who will then allocate you across their partner schools. The Shanghai Pacican Academy has been vetted and approved by The China Education Association for International Exchange.

Shanghai salaries are the highest of all our placements. You will be paid an approximate monthly salary of 15,000-16,500 Yuan (roughly £1725-1900, Google exchange rate as of 1 July, 2019)! There are also some performance based bonuses, as well as the option to work some weekend hours (for which you would be paid handsomely).

Some other key details to note:

  • The embassy cost of your Chinese VISA will be refunded by Pacican!
  • You receive 10,000 yuan (roughly £1100) for the Winter Holiday.
  • You are required to pay for your own accommodation (roughly £350 per month, including utilities). Pacican do however help you to find the accommodation at the beginning of your placement – it is in fact very very easy! The salaries also more than make up for the lack of accommodation. After rent, you will still end up with a little bit more money than all other applicants.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants for this Shanghai Pacican option should try to budget in around £1000 initial rent money (in China it is standard to pay 3 or 4 months rent upfront, when moving into private accommodation). Please note however that in the past, some applicants have not had the full £1000 handy on arrival, and Shanghai Pacican have negotiated with landlords/lettings agents on their behalf, the result of which was that they only had to pay 1 month rent, plus 1 month deposit! We don’t want to guarantee that this will be the case for everybody, so we have to give you guys ‘worse case scenario’ info, but it’s something to keep in mind if money is tight.


Shanghai applicants will have more of a structured syllabus to teach to than in the rest of our placement locations, where generally speaking (not always), you do not have to work to much of a syllabus at all.


In addition to the standard 10-14 day induction camp in Beijing, Pacican have their own 5-7 day induction camp in Shanghai, at the end of August/early September. Hotel and food at this camp is also free of charge for our applicants.


We welcome joint applications. We will try our best to have you living and working together. In the case of couples, we can of course ensure that you will be able to live together!

Is a Shanghai placement for you?

As you can see, Shanghai placements are slightly different to the rest of the placements. For this reason, if an applicant tells us that they do not want Shanghai Pacican as a placement, then they will not get Shanghai Pacican as a placement. This is a guarantee!

*In terms of pre-China medical requirements, Shanghai currently (as of Sep 2017) has the cheapest and easiest scenario – a self-declaration document, where you basically promise to be ‘in good health, fit and well enough to live in China for 10 months’ . You write this yourself on a word document, print it off, and sign it. Easy! No costs associated with this.