The Camp

What is it? & When does it take place?

The induction camp takes place in China, in the second half of August (typically 14th-28th, but sometimes shorter for some applicants). It is sponsored by one or a number of Chinese government linked/associated organisations. Its’ aim is to prepare you for the 10 months ahead.

Do all applicants go to the same camp?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on quite a few complicated factors, and is usually not decided until very close to the time.

Does it cost any money?

It is free for all of our applicants. This includes food and accommodation.

Do I have to go to it?

No, it is optional!

What is it like?

It’s a fantastic start to your year in China. It covers quite a few things, potentially including but not limited to: teacher training, teaching practice, survival Chinese, cultural excursion, and an introduction to Chinese law and regulations. There is also quite a strong social element to the camp. You will meet a lot of really cool people, and long-lasting friendships will be formed!

Note of caution:

The camp is not a holiday. It is not a 2 week-long party. It is hard work, and long days. Applicants often find the camp (the first few days in particular) quite challenging, as they are (sometimes, not always) effectively ‘thrown into the deep end’ from day 1, teaching real lessons, to real Chinese students. This, on top of the teacher training and early starts, can feel quite ‘full on’. The system is however tried and tested: We consistently witness a facinating transition in the confidence and teaching abilities of our applicants over the 2 weeks.

Please note that this camp was not on in 2020 or 2021 due to covid-19 (note too that we did not take any China applications for 2022). It has however been on every other year since we began in 2014. We hope it will be on in 2023, but we probably won’t know for sure until far closer to the time. It all depends how the covid situation unfolds. Fingers crossed! If there is no camp, there is likely to be an online training alternative and a short on the job training/induction on arrival in placement city instead. Nobody needs to worry, we will make sure you are all adequately prepared for the year ahead in any eventuality.