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TravelGrad are most excited to announce the fresh launch of our newest graduate travel opportunity: TravelGrad Australia!

Background & Introduction

Tens of thousands of fresh Graduates head over to Australia each year, via the working holiday VISA scheme. There are literally thousands of jobs available. In our mission to enable graduates to live and work around the world, TravelGrad has decided to expand into this market!

Soft Landing

As with all our opportunities, our number one goal will be to create a ‘soft landing‘ for our applicants. Rather than heading off alone, and having to work out everything for yourself, our applicants will be part of a group of like-minded people & will hit the ground running with comprehensive support from the TravelGrad team in both the lead up to departure, and upon arrival. We will walk you through the VISA application & point you in the right direction for everything (Insurance, recruiters, accommodation etc). You can think of us as your personal travel assistant, lightening the load & making for a more pleasant overall experience.

We are looking for 5 applicants to be part of our ‘group 1’ (first ever intake) TravelGrad AUSTRALIA opportunity. If interested, please contact us via the APPLY tab and we will be in touch to discuss it all in further detail.

[Update on 20 June 2022, 4 of the 5 places have been taken, 1 remaining]

You will benefit from:

  • FREE initial 2 weeks accommodation in Sydney (shared room in backpackers hostel).

  • FREE application, due to being part of our ‘group 1’ (first ever intake). We will not actually charge these first 5 applicants anything. Rather, a refundable deposit of £250 will apply (refundable if you actually go in 2022).

  • Complete assistance with your Australian working VISA application.

  • Complete assistance with general Australia-related concerns.

  • WhatsApp group chat (with other applicants) before departure.

  • Recruitment interviews and/or appointments to secure paid employment.

  • Accommodation (long-term) guidance & assistance.

Why are we offering this opportunity for free for these 5 people?

Because it is not currently an established opportunity at TravelGrad. It is a work in progress. We too will be learning from the experience. We will then apply a price tag to the opportunity in future years.

Why is there a deposit?

TravelGrad is going to invest a considerable amount of time, money and effort into getting this opportunity ‘off the ground’. We will also be paying for your accommodation upfront. We need to cover ourselves for the possibility of the applicant changing their mind & ‘dropping out’ after said time, money & effort has been invested in their application.

What type of work will you be doing?

TravelGrad will point you in the right direction for working holiday employment. We will not ‘get you a job’, as such, (as we do with our China, Vietnam, Thailand & South Korea options), but we will connect you with the right people and organisations to enable you to get yourself a job. There are lots of recruitment organisations that specialise in working holiday VISA employment. We will be putting you in touch with them. Here is an example of the type of work you might end up doing. Some jobs include free accommodation, some don’t.

Departure Date:

Mid October 2022. This is half way through the Sydney spring, meaning that the full Sydney summer will be ahead of you! This, in our opinion, is the best time to arrive. The free initial accommodation will run from October 15-30, so you would be best off to arrive on October 15th. It is of course a little bit flexible however, in that you could arrive a bit late if you found a cheaper flight etc. You could also arrive a bit earlier and pay for your own accommodation until October 15th. And of course, you could arrive really late if you wanted as well – it’s entirely up to you. You do however have to arrive in 2022 in order to get back your £250 deposit.

Further Costs to take into consideration:

  • Flights (variable), but roughly £750-£1000 one way.

  • VISA £290

  • Travel Insurance (variable, but typically £200-700 per year).

  • Initial Spending Money/Security Blanket (variable, but we recommend a minimum of £5k).


  • 18 – 35 YEARS 


Ireland, United Kingdom, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, USA, Vietnam 

  • FUNDS 

Proof of sufficient funds of AUD $5,000 (about £3K) Is required upon arrival in Australia. 


No permitted dependents permitted on this visa 


Once granted you have 12 months to enter Australia, Once you enter Australia you have 12 months permitted stay initially. Want to stay longer? You can do, for a second year, straight away after the first one, as long as you do some farm work or the likes for 3 months in the middle of the 2 years. 


Holders of the Working Holiday Visa are only permitted to work for the same employer for 6 months, there is no limit to how many jobs you can hold during the 12 month visa duration but if you are staying on with an employer past the 6 months the employer will need to sponsor you on a more permanent visa.   


On the application form there are questions about health and character so please answer truthfully and disclose all known information. Always remember if anything is not disclosed and comes out at a later stage, it could have much worse effects then if something was declared and the procedures followed.