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Programme Partners [CEAIE, MF & CIPTC]

China Teaching Experience partners with 3 separate China-based organisations: (1) The China Education Association for International Exchange, a not-for-profit, ministry of education affiliated organisation, (2) MF International Education Group, LLC, a professional service organisation specialising in Chinese-foreign educational exchanges and cooperation, for both government departments and educational institutions, at all levels, and (3) CIPTC, a state-owned partner (company) of the Shenzhen Education Bureau, established primarily to provide professional development training and support for foreign language teachers in the public school system of Shenzhen. All of our China placements are approved by one of these three organisations (CEAIE, MF or CIPTC). This, we believe, adds an additional layer of safety, security and support to the overall experience of our applicants. We have absolute belief in what we do, and consider our opportunities among the safest, most thorough, and least commercial available.

A ‘Non-Commercial’, Personal Approach

China Teaching Experience will never seek to take any cut from the money you earn. This, we believe, differentiates us massively from the vast majority of our competitors. Our opportunities instead represent a wonderful system of cooperation, where our partner schools are encouraged by the CEAIE, MF or CIPTC to accept our standardised conditions, conditions that have been especially tailored to benefit our applicants in as many ways as possible. Furthermore, the size and style of things enable a very personal experience for each and every applicant.

No Teaching Experience Necessary

The majority of applicants have no teaching experience whatsoever. This is no problem at all. In fact, the entire thing has been especially set-up to tailor to such applicants. The free TEFL course will supply you with the necessary skills and qualifications that you need to become a successful English teacher in China.

A Final Note

Living in China for 10 months is a fantastic opportunity to experience a truly unique, and indeed different way of life to that with which you are most likely used to. It is something that will undoubtedly change the way you view the world. That being said, it is a big decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. You are advised to think long and hard about your decision to come to China. There will be challenges: There will be times when you will miss home, times when you will feel frustrated, and times when you will feel far from familiarity. This is to be expected. You must therefore ask yourself if you are the type of person that is up to the challenge. Such concerns aside however, we truly believe that living in China is something that will stand to you for the rest of your life. From our own personal experience, we believe that it is a decision that you will not regret. China is a rapidly developing country. There is endless potential right now in China to make your mark on the world. China Teaching Experience represents a wonderful opportunity to test the water, and do something a little bit different!