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Price Beat Guarantee

Here at TravelGrad, we’re not only confident that our graduate opportunities & support services are the best in the market, but also that they represent the most value for money! So much so, we promise to beat the price of any other company offering you the same opportunity as ourselves, by £100!* (This even applies to any discounts being offered by the other company). Just one more reason to choose TravelGrad for your Overseas Adventure! TravelGrad - Putting applicants first since 2014.

Talk To Us About It On Our 24/7 WhatsApp Account

*Must be discussed & agreed with us prior to payment of your first fee instalment. We reserve the right to judge whether or not the opportunity being offered elsewhere can reasonably be described as 'the same thing' as that which we are offering. We reserve the right to end this price beat guarantee at any point.

Image by Tran Phu


The 12-month teaching experience that allows globally-minded grads to combine the freedom of travel with the security of a well-paid job.

With its towering rice terraces, smooth sand dunes, fast-paced cities and quaint river towns, it’s no wonder grads from all over are flocking to Vietnam. From the bustling heart of Hanoi to the secluded Mekong Delta villages, the country is bursting with things to see, do and discover — and it’s yours to explore on this 12-month teaching adventure.

Join a group of fellow Travel Grads to immerse yourself in all things Vietnam. Experience an authentic way of life, travel to breathtaking spots on your days off and save some money on the side. Whether you’ve got experience or not, you’ll gain the qualification, skills and confidence to make a difference in your job. Are you ready? 

This is the program for you if…

You’re in (or have just graduated from) your final year of uni and have no idea what comes next — you’re ready for a change of scenery and a completely ‘out there’ challenge.

You dream of exploring a new culture and earning money but aren’t sure where to go or how to make it happen.

You’re bang up for travelling solo… but would love to have the support of people who know their stuff and fellow grads to share the experience with.

You’re considering a teaching career, but you’re not ready to commit to a post-grad degree or get a ‘real job’ just yet.

Is that you? Sweet. We’ve got you.

Since 2014, we’ve been connecting globally-minded grads with exciting alternatives to the traditional ‘grad job’ we’re all bored of hearing about. After starting our own careers abroad, we discovered the world has so much more to offer than life at home — and we’re all about helping you see and experience it.

We’ve designed our opportunities to create a safe, supported way to catapult yourself into the unknown. It’s not as scary as it sounds with us in your pocket: we’re here to guide, support and advise you every step of the way, so you can be sure you’re making a great decision.

The 12-month teaching program for adventurous grads seeking a new overseas adventure. Get your journey off the ground quickly and easily with thorough 1:1 guidance and support from a team that knows its stuff.
Find a school you can trust

We’ve done the ‘is this really legit’ checks on all our partners, so you can rest assured you’ll work in a reliable school that’ll look after, pay and support you from start to finish. 
Earning £1200-1500 per month, you’ll be able to buy all the Bahn Mi you can handle, travel and even save some Dong. 
Two Group Intakes Each Year

Apply whenever you like and start your adventure in either August or January. It only takes about 3 months to complete the pre-departure process too!
Skip the confusion, fast-forward to the fun
The Travel Grad team is here to guide you through all the confusing stuff — from gathering legal docs to applying for your visa. We’ll tell you when, where and how you need to submit what, so you can rest assured you’re doing it right.
First-time teacher? Great!
A 120-hour online TEFL course will get you up to speed with the need-to-know best practices and classroom management hacks before you leave. Then, when you arrive, you’ll join a fully paid week-long induction into all things Vietnam, giving you the confidence and energy to boss the classroom and impact your students’ education from day one. 
Make friends for life from day one
Around 80% of Travel Grads are solo travellers. If that’s you too, know that you’re not alone. You’ll meet the rest of the troops in a WhatsApp group before heading off, so you can chat, link up and arrive in Vietnam with a ready-made group of friends to share your journey with.
Experience authentic Vietnamese culture
Vietnam is a unique, culturally-rich destination that offers a true adventure. Uncover cultural norms, experience an authentic way of life and explore everything from waterfalls and rice terraces to mountains and sand dunes. 


  • School: Vietnamese public schools, across Hanoi

  • Position: Main classroom teacher

  • Schedule: Monday - Friday (8 am - 5 pm), with 2-3 hour lunch break!

  • Salary: £750 - £1,250/month [Depending how many hours you teach]


You can start your adventure at one of two points during the year, if you apply in time. Note that places are limited on each intake, and it’s first come, first served.

Major Intake [Every Year]:

Start Date: 20 August

Application Deadline: June 30 or Whenever all 10 places are taken

Minor Intake [Every Year]:

Start Date: 1 January

Application Deadline: October 31 or Whenever all 10 places are taken


Let’s Get Your Journey off the Ground


Step 1: Apply

Complete our quick and easy online application form, which allows applicants to request either a payment link (first half of support fee) or a chat with a member of the team. Those who have been following us online for a while, or have had a friend go through the process already, tend to opt for the former, whilst those completely new to the whole thing tend to opt for the latter. We don't mind either way however - You are good to choose whichever option feels right for you! Please note that in the case of the former, we may briefly contact you to double check your participation eligibility before sending through the payment link.

Step 2: Check Your Email/WhatsApp

We’ll be in touch within a day or two.

Step 3: Secure Your Spot

Secure a spot by paying the first half of your support fee. This payment guarantees a placement on whichever option you've applied for. Within about 24 hours you'll receive your online TEFL course registration, and we’ll hit go on the rest! Don’t stress — we’ll walk you through every step and answer all of your questions along the way - it's what we're known for.

Image by Ammie Ngo


-> You’re a native English speaker who’s keen to make a difference in students’ lives by teaching them to speak your language.

-> You’ve got (or will soon have) an undergraduate degree in any subject, and you’re looking for a way to travel and make money.

-> You’re up for a new challenge and want to try teaching abroad for a minimum of one year.

-> You’ve got a clean criminal record and are ready to invest in making your journey happen.


Vietnam TEFL

  • 120-hour online TEFL course

  • Some placements include free accommodation

  • Full application process assistance (incl. School application, visa process and related documents)

  • Post-arrival teacher training and induction to help you settle in

  • In-country support during your placement 

  • Whatsapp group chat access to meet friends from the day you sign up

  • £749


TravelGrad was fantastic in helping me to overcome both administrative/bureaucratic barriers and the general anxieties of moving to the other side of the world. The service and support they offered was friendlier and more personal than other providers and made the whole process as smooth as could be.” — Cameron


Your Bonuses


You’ll also get access to two exclusive Travel Grad bonuses so you can make the most of your placement from day one:


  • Explore our Vietnam Members Area, where you’ll find tips and travel guides that prepare you for your journey

  • Browse our Lesson Plan Library for ready-made lesson plans you can use, adapt or take teaching inspo from


Flexible & Reassuring Payment Structure


Ease the burden on the bank and your mind by splitting the fee across two equal instalments: the first when you sign up, the second when your placement is confirmed. This is to reassure you that we’ll find you a contract you’re happy with. Please note that payment of your first half guarantees a placement.


After paying your first instalment, you’ll receive the login details to start your online TEFL. This qualification is then yours for life!


A Few Important Costs


Your move to Vietnam involves a few extra costs to make sure you get there safely and legally. These are spread over the 3 months before you go, and we’ll give you a heads up before they’re due, so you know what to expect and when. 


  • Visa £125

  • Legalise Documents (UK Applicants Only) £219

  • Legalise Documents (USA Applicants Only) ~ $599

  • Travel Insurance ~ £250

  • Flight ~ £500 

  • Initial spending money £500+

  • Initial Rent Money £1k-£1.5k [first 3 months rent]

  • Vaccinations~ Average is £100 (however, applicants have reported paying anywhere from 0-500. It really does depend on what you get, where you get it, and your own personal attitude to risk.


Apply today to arrange your interview and become the next Vietnam grad to enjoy:

-> Expert support from a team that’s been in your shoes and knows their stuff

-> A placement at a language centre, kindergarten, primary or high school you can trust

-> Thorough personalised support to answer your questions and put your mind at ease

-> A life-changing experience that opens your eyes to the world

-> A hassle-free supported route into travelling, teaching and exploring Vietnam with other like-minded graduates


Is this the right option for me?

The fact you’ve made it this far suggests it is. If you’re a soon-to-be or recent grad looking to experience life in Vietnam and gain teaching experience with the step-by-step support and guidance to get you there, this is 100% the right program for you. 

Can I apply with a friend or a group?

Yes, although in most cases we can place a maximum of 2 people together.

Will I be close to other Travel Grads?

Our teaching opportunities in Vietnam are spread out all over the country, but we aim to cluster our grads in groups. So the chances are you won't be too far from the closest Travel Grad. If you wish to be placed super close to other applicants, just let us know during your application, and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

What is the accommodation like?

How do I know I’ll get my money’s worth?

We’ve put every effort into creating a service that puts your safety and happiness first. That means going the extra mile to make sure you feel relaxed, supported and excited the entire time. Past and present Travel Grads tell us this is exactly how they feel, so we’re sure your future self will think so, too. 

Is it possible I won’t like it?

There’s no denying that living abroad has its ups and downs — it’s part of the experience. That said, our goal is to ensure you make the best decision for you. So to make sure you do, we share everything you need to know about life as a teacher in South Korea during the application process. If at any point before you leave, you feel another opportunity is more suitable, just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do! Then, once you’re there, our team is only ever a text or call away.




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