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365 days of madness!

We are currently accepting applications for our Korea 365 START ANY DATE option. Applicants can apply year-round. There is no application deadline. You can literally apply whenever you like, and start whenever you like. There is no cap on the number of places available. Public schools are only available with a February or August start date. Outside of these start dates, it is private schools (hagwons) only. The entire application process takes about 6 months, but it is flexible.

Applicants can put a preference for public school or private school, and whilst every effort to match the preference will be made, no guarantees can be made. Once accepted onto the programme (and a support fee payment is made) you are however guaranteed a placement.

Note on public schools: All public school placements go via one single channel, which means that your public school application is either accepted or rejected (a couple of weeks/months into your application). The Hagwons are totally different. We are connected to nearly 100 of them, scattered all around the country. If one Hagwon doesn’t accept you, another one will. For these reasons, it is fair to say that applicants have a considerably lower likelihood of having a public school preference matched than they do a Hagwon. Our partners in South Korea however are very good at helping us prep the public school applications. This will work to your advantage.

Salary in both options (Public Schools & Hagwons): Roughly £1,400/month + Free Accommodation (basic Asia style one room studio apartment) + One-Way Flight Refund

Application, Training & Support Fee: £1399 (includes semi-intensive 1 month online TEFL course prior to departure). This fee is split into 2 equal payments, spread out over time.

There is a bonus of 1 months salary (roughly £1400) for all applicants, upon completion of their 365 day contract out in South Korea. Some applicants like to think of this completion bonus as paying back their initial £1399 fee.

Please note: We are not an employment agency. We instead promote cultural exchange opportunities. You are not paying us to find you a job. Any payment made by yourself to TravelGrad Ltd. is solely for your TEFL training, our consultation services, and your pre-departure support. Having said that, you are guaranteed a placement. We just don’t charge you for that part. You can think of it as though we find you a placement for free, but apply a charge for the services in and around that placement.

Please also note that in addition to the support fee, you will incur other costs during your application (including but not limited to VISA, Flight, Document Legalisation, Travel Insurance, Vaccinations). Please ensure you have budgeted and accounted for these costs before starting the process. We estimate the additional costs to total roughly £1,500 (VISA £260, Flight typically around £500, Legalisation £160, Travel Insurance typically around £500, Vaccinations typically around £100).

Please also remember you will need spending money for your first month, before your first salary lands in your account, which is a recommended £500 minimum. Your accommodation is free so this will just be for food, going out, trains etc. There is also a medical check on arrival, which costs about £75.

Would you like to speak with some TravelGrad applicants, currently partaking in the Korea 365 opportunity? The following applicants have given us their instagram accounts for this reason. Don’t be shy to drop them a message!

lukesalter94 (arrived in South Korea March 2022)

johnnyball_ (arrived in South Korea March 2022)

yreay99 (arrived in South Korea with Partner February 2022)

pv1ter (arrived in South Korea April 2022)

sophielhlee (arrived in South Korea May 2022)

Note of caution in terms of expectations:

Working culture in South Korea is intense. This option is not a ‘gap year’, or a holiday. It is a full-time working commitment. Applicants work 9 hour days (teaching classes 4 [public schools] – 6 [Hagwons] hours per day), Monday through Friday.

Holidays are as follows: Public Schools 4 out of 52 weeks, plus two x 4-5 day weekends. Hagwons 2 out of 52 weeks, plus two x 4-5 day weekends). Contract is 12 months duration.

Those wanting a more relaxed option should consider our ThailandChina, or Vietnam opportunities.